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Applications and Real-Time Area (art)

art Area Directors (ADs)

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art active WGs

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
avtcore Ben Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance Rachel Huang, Jonathan Lennox
bfcpbis Adam Binary Floor Control Protocol Bis Keith Drage, Charles Eckel
calext Alexey Calendaring Extensions Donald Eastlake, Philipp Kewisch, Daniel Migault
capport Adam Captive Portal Interaction Erik Kline, Martin Thomson
cbor Alexey Concise Binary Object Representation Maintenance and Extensions Joe Hildebrand, Francesca Palombini
cdni Alexey Content Delivery Networks Interconnection Francois Le Faucheur, Kevin Ma, Phil Sorber
cellar Ben Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission Tessa Fallon, Tim Terriberry
clue Adam ControLling mUltiple streams for tElepresence Roni Even, Paul Kyzivat
codec Ben Internet Wideband Audio Codec Tim Terriberry, Mo Zanaty
core Alexey Constrained RESTful Environments Carsten Bormann, Jaime Jimenez
dcrup Alexey DKIM Crypto Update Murray Kucherawy, Rich Salz
dispatch Ben Dispatch Mary Barnes, Cullen Jennings, Murray Kucherawy
dmarc Alexey Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance Tim Draegen, Ned Freed, Barry Leiba
doh Adam DNS Over HTTPS David Lawrence, Benjamin Schwartz
ecrit Adam Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies Allison Mankin, Roger Marshall
extra Alexey Email mailstore and eXtensions To Revise or Amend Bron Gondwana, Jiankang Yao
httpbis Alexey Hypertext Transfer Protocol Patrick McManus, Mark Nottingham
ice Ben Interactive Connectivity Establishment Ari Keränen, Peter Thatcher
insipid Ben INtermediary-safe SIP session ID Keith Drage, Gonzalo Salgueiro
jmap Alexey JSON Mail Access Protocol Bron Gondwana, Barry Leiba
mmusic Ben Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Flemming Andreasen, Bo Burman
modern Adam Managing, Ordering, Distributing, Exposing, & Registering telephone Numbers Steve Donovan, Tom McGarry
netvc Adam Internet Video Codec Natasha Rooney, Mo Zanaty
payload Ben Audio/Video Transport Payloads Ali Begen, Roni Even
perc Ben Privacy Enhanced RTP Conferencing Suhas Nandakumar, Nils Ohlmeier
regext Adam Registration Protocols Extensions James Galvin, Antoin Verschuren
rtcweb Adam Real-Time Communication in WEB-browsers Ted Hardie, Cullen Jennings, Sean Turner
sipbrandy Ben SIP Best-practice Recommendations Against Network Dangers to privacY Gonzalo Camarillo, Gonzalo Salgueiro
sipcore Ben Session Initiation Protocol Core Jean Mahoney, Brian Rosen
slim Alexey Selection of Language for Internet Media Bernard Aboba
stir Adam Secure Telephone Identity Revisited Russ Housley, Robert Sparks
uta Alexey Using TLS in Applications Leif Johansson, Valery Smyslov
xrblock Ben Metric Blocks for use with RTCP's Extended Report Framework Dan Romascanu, Shida Schubert

General Area (gen)

gen Area Director (AD)

gen area-specific web pages

gen active WG

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
mtgvenue Alissa Meeting Venue Charles Eckel, Pete Resnick

Internet Area (int)

int Area Directors (ADs)

int area-specific web pages

int active WGs

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
6lo Suresh IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes Samita Chakrabarti, Gabriel Montenegro
6man Suresh IPv6 Maintenance Robert Hinden, Ole Troan
6tisch Suresh IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e Pascal Thubert, Thomas Watteyne
dhc Suresh Dynamic Host Configuration Tomek Mrugalski, Bernie Volz
dmm Suresh Distributed Mobility Management Sri Gundavelli, Dapeng Liu
dnssd Terry Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery Tim Chown, David Schinazi
dprive Terry DNS PRIVate Exchange Brian Haberman, Tim Wicinski
hip Terry Host Identity Protocol Gonzalo Camarillo
homenet Terry Home Networking Ray Bellis, Stephen Farrell, Barbara Stark
intarea Suresh Internet Area Working Group Wassim Haddad, Juan-Carlos Zúñiga
ipwave Suresh IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Carlos Bernardos, Russ Housley
lpwan Suresh IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks Alexander Pelov, Pascal Thubert
lwig Suresh Light-Weight Implementation Guidance Zhen Cao, Mohit Sethi
ntp Suresh Network Time Protocol Karen O'Donoghue, Dieter Sibold
savi Suresh Source Address Validation Improvements Jean-Michel Combes
softwire Terry Softwires Yong Cui, Ian Farrer
sunset4 Terry Sunsetting IPv4 Marc Blanchet, Wesley George
tictoc Suresh Timing over IP Connection and Transfer of Clock Karen O'Donoghue, Yaakov Stein

Operations and Management Area (ops)

ops Area Directors (ADs)

ops area-specific web pages

ops active WGs

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
anima Benoit Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach Toerless Eckert, Sheng Jiang
bmwg Warren Benchmarking Methodology Sarah Banks, Al Morton
dime Ben Diameter Maintenance and Extensions Jouni Korhonen, Lionel Morand (Assigned AD: Ben Campbell)
dnsop Warren Domain Name System Operations Tim Wicinski, Suzanne Woolf
grow Warren Global Routing Operations Christopher Morrow, Peter Schoenmaker
l2sm Benoit L2VPN Service Model Adrian Farrel, Qin Wu
lime Benoit Layer Independent OAM Management in the Multi-Layer Environment Ron Bonica, Carlos Pignataro
lmap Benoit Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance Dan Romascanu, Jason Weil
mboned Warren MBONE Deployment Leonard Giuliano, Greg Shepherd
netconf Benoit Network Configuration Mahesh Jethanandani, Kent Watsen
netmod Benoit Network Modeling Lou Berger, Joel Jaeggli, Kent Watsen
opsawg Warren Operations and Management Area Working Group Ignas Bagdonas, Joe Clarke, Tianran Zhou
opsec Warren Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure Gunter Van de Velde, Éric Vyncke
radext Kathleen RADIUS EXTensions Lionel Morand, Stefan Winter (Assigned AD: Kathleen Moriarty)
sidrops Warren SIDR Operations Chris Morrow, Keyur Patel
v6ops Warren IPv6 Operations Fred Baker, Ron Bonica, Lee Howard

Routing Area (rtg)

rtg Area Directors (ADs)

rtg area-specific web pages

rtg active WGs

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
babel Alia Babel routing protocol Donald Eastlake, Russ White
bess Alvaro BGP Enabled ServiceS Matthew Bocci, Stephane Litkowski, Martin Vigoureux
bfd Alvaro Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Jeffrey Haas, Reshad Rahman
bier Alia Bit Indexed Explicit Replication Tony Przygienda, Greg Shepherd
ccamp Deborah Common Control and Measurement Plane Daniele Ceccarelli, Fatai Zhang
detnet Deborah Deterministic Networking Lou Berger, Janos Farkas, Patricia Thaler
i2rs Alia Interface to the Routing System Susan Hares, Russ White
idr Alvaro Inter-Domain Routing Susan Hares, John Scudder
isis Alia IS-IS for IP Internets Hannes Gredler, Christian Hopps
l2tpext Deborah Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions Ignacio Goyret, Carlos Pignataro
lisp Deborah Locator/ID Separation Protocol Joel Halpern, Luigi Iannone
manet Alvaro Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Justin Dean, Stan Ratliff
mpls Deborah Multiprotocol Label Switching Loa Andersson, Nicolai Leymann, George Swallow
nvo3 Alia Network Virtualization Overlays Sam Aldrin, Matthew Bocci
ospf Alia Open Shortest Path First IGP Acee Lindem, Abhay Roy
pals Deborah Pseudowire And LDP-enabled Services Stewart Bryant, Andrew Malis
pce Deborah Path Computation Element Jonathan Hardwick, Julien Meuric
pim Alvaro Protocols for IP Multicast Mike McBride, Stig Venaas
rift Alvaro Routing In Fat Trees Jeff Tantsura, Zhaohui Zhang
roll Alvaro Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks Ines Robles, Peter Van der Stok
rtgwg Alia Routing Area Working Group Chris Bowers, Jeff Tantsura
sfc Alia Service Function Chaining Jim Guichard, Joel Halpern
sidr Alvaro Secure Inter-Domain Routing Chris Morrow, Sandra Murphy
spring Alvaro Source Packet Routing in Networking Bruno Decraene, Martin Vigoureux
teas Deborah Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling Vishnu Beeram, Lou Berger
trill Alia Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links Susan Hares, Jon Hudson

Security Area (sec)

sec Area Directors (ADs)

sec area-specific web pages

sec active WGs

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
ace Kathleen Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments Benjamin Kaduk, Jim Schaad
acme Kathleen Automated Certificate Management Environment Yoav Nir, Rich Salz
curdle Eric CURves, Deprecating and a Little more Encryption Daniel Migault, Rich Salz
dots Kathleen DDoS Open Threat Signaling Roman Danyliw, Tobias Gondrom
i2nsf Kathleen Interface to Network Security Functions Linda Dunbar, Yoav Nir
ipsecme Eric IP Security Maintenance and Extensions Tero Kivinen, David Waltermire
kitten Eric Common Authentication Technology Next Generation Benjamin Kaduk, Matthew Miller
lamps Eric Limited Additional Mechanisms for PKIX and SMIME Russ Housley
mile Kathleen Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange Nancy Cam-Winget, Takeshi Takahashi
oauth Eric Web Authorization Protocol Rifaat Shekh-Yusef, Hannes Tschofenig
sacm Kathleen Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring Christopher Inacio, Adam Montville, Karen O'Donoghue
secevent Kathleen Security Events Dick Hardt, Yaron Sheffer
suit Kathleen Software Updates for Internet of Things Russ Housley, Dave Thaler, David Waltermire
tls Kathleen Transport Layer Security Joseph Salowey, Sean Turner
tokbind Eric Token Binding John Bradley, Leif Johansson
trans Eric Public Notary Transparency Melinda Shore, Paul Wouters

Transport Area (tsv)

tsv Area Directors (ADs)

tsv area-specific web pages

tsv active WGs

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
alto Mirja Application-Layer Traffic Optimization Vijay Gurbani, Jan Seedorf
dtn Spencer Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking Marc Blanchet, Rick Taylor
ippm Spencer IP Performance Measurement Bill Cerveny, Brian Trammell
mptcp Mirja Multipath TCP Philip Eardley, Yoshifumi Nishida
nfsv4 Spencer Network File System Version 4 Brian Pawlowski, Spencer Shepler
quic Spencer QUIC Lars Eggert, Mark Nottingham
rmcat Mirja RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques Anna Brunstrom, Colin Perkins, Martin Stiemerling
taps Spencer Transport Services Aaron Falk, Zaheduzzaman Sarker
tcpinc Mirja TCP Increased Security David Black, Kyle Rose
tcpm Mirja TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions Yoshifumi Nishida, Michael Scharf, Michael Tüxen
tram Spencer TURN Revised and Modernized Gonzalo Camarillo, Simon Perreault
tsvwg Spencer Transport Area Working Group David Black, Wesley Eddy, Gorry Fairhurst