Active IRTF research groups

IRTF chair

Allison Mankin

Active research groups

Status Reports Chair Photos
Group Name Chairs
cfrg Crypto Forum Alexey Melnikov, Kenny Paterson
dinrg Decentralized Internet Infrastructure Proposed RG Dirk Kutscher, Melinda Shore
gaia Global Access to the Internet for All Jane Coffin, Leandro Navarro
hrpc Human Rights Protocol Considerations Avri Doria
iccrg Internet Congestion Control Jana Iyengar
icnrg Information-Centric Networking Dirk Kutscher, Borje Ohlman, David Oran
maprg Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Mirja Kühlewind, Dave Plonka
nfvrg Network Function Virtualization Ram Krishnan, Diego Lopez
nmrg Network Management Laurent Ciavaglia, Lisandro Granville
nwcrg Coding for efficient NetWork Communications Research Group Marie-Jose Montpetit, Vincent Roca
panrg Path Aware Networking Proposed RG Jen Linkova, Brian Trammell
t2trg Thing-to-Thing Carsten Bormann, Ari Keränen