Liaison statement
MEF to multiple SDOs on Subscriber L1CS Attributes draft

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Posted Date 2018-01-16
From Group MEF
From Contact JASON WOLFE
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To Contacts Daniele Ceccarelli
Fatai Zhang
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Fatai Zhang
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Daniele Ceccarelli
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Purpose For information
Attachments MEF-Liaison-on-Subscriber-L1CS-Attributes-draft.pdf
We would like to inform you that a working draft of the Subscriber Layer 1 Connectivity Service (L1CS) Attributes technical specification is attached to this liaison. We have set out some background and further details below.

MEF is well known for the definition of Carrier Ethernet (CE) Subscriber services (in MEF 6.2) and Operator services (in MEF 51) based on service attributes (defined in MEF 10.3 and MEF 26.2). In MEF terms, a "service" refers to the set of attributes and their values that are agreed between the provider of a service and the customer of that service. MEF defines both end-to-end services agreed between a Subscriber and a Service Provider, where the end points are User-Network Interfaces (UNIs), and inter-provider services supplied by one Service Provider or Operator to another, where the end points may be UNIs or External Network-Network Interfaces (ENNIs).

The Subscriber L1CS Attributes technical specification defines the service attributes for a UNI-to-UNI Layer 1 service for the following client protocols: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET and SDH. Our work is nearing completion and is scheduled to go for Letter Ballot (i.e., final approval) in April 2018. We welcome any feedback you may have, but would ask that you send it at the earliest opportunity so that we have time to consider it before finalizing the document.

Please note that the next MEF meetings are:
•January 29 - February 2, 2018 - Singapore
•April 23-26, 2018 - Athens, Greece
•July 23-26, 2018 - Nashville, USA