Liaison statement
SOAM YANG work coordination

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Posted Date 2017-05-03
From Group MEF
From Contact Raghu Ranganathan
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To Contacts Carlos Pignataro
Ron Bonica
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Warren Kumari
Carlos Pignataro
Benoit Claise
Layer Independent OAM Management in the Multi-Layer Environment Discussion List
Raghu Ranganathan
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Purpose For information
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MEF Forum would like to thank IEEE 802.1 and ITU-T SG15 for the responses to our Liaisons L00259 (SOAM FM YANG) and L00260 (SOAM PM YANG). We accept, in principle, that each SDO should define the base YANG modules according to the way the opcodes are allocated, as described by ITU-T SG15 in their Liaison response, with the expectation that the modules defined in other SDOs meet the needs of our members. We also understand that the base material (definition of MDs/MAs/MEPs etc) will be done in IEEE 802.1.

MEF Forum would like to request from IEEE 802.1 and ITU-T the expected timelines for completion. It is our intention not to start projects to revise MEF 38 and MEF 39 at this time, but to wait for modules from IEEE 802.1 and ITU-T SG15 that we can then use to augment so as to meet our needs. Additionally, we would like to request that you use MEF 38 and MEF 39, as well as the identified errata (that we sent previously), as input to your work.

MEF Forum also has the following ongoing work with deliverables to produce YANG modules related to SOAM FM/PM that could have overlap in the objects and parameters with IEEE/ITU-T work albeit MEF's focus is not at the Network Element level.

1) LSO Interface Profile(s) - SOAM and Service Activation Test (SAT). These profiles are at LSO Reference Points specified in MEF 55 (https :// The output of this work would be UML and YANG Modules to support SOAM FM/PM requirements for the MEF Service in the Service Orchestration Function (SOF) and Domain Connectivity Service in the Infrastructure Control and Management (ICM).

2) Network Resource Model - OAM classes are being developed in an ongoing Network Resource Model project for use at an ICM.

MEF will share the UML and YANG Modules for the OAM Classes as we progress our work so we can ensure alignment with your efforts.

MEF meets next on July 24-27 in Toronto, Canada.