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LS on the completion of ITU-T Focus Group on IMT-2020 and start of normative work in ITU-T Study Group 13

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Posted Date 2017-01-24
From Group ITU-T-FG-IMT-2020
From Contact Peter Ashwood-Smith
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair
The IETF Chair

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Purpose For information
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We would like to inform you that from its establishment under ITU-T Study Group 13 (SG13) on 1 May 2015 until its final meeting in Geneva, 5-9 December 2016, the ITU-T Focus Group on IMT‑2020 (FG IMT-2020) has identified 85 non-radio standards gaps for IMT-2020 (so-called 5G), and developed a set of draft Recommendations and Technical Reports addressing several gaps identified in various technical areas and non-radio aspects of 5G:
–       network architecture with fixed-mobile convergence,
–       network softwarization,
–       end-to-end quality of service,
–       end-to-end network management,
–       fronthaul/backhaul,
–       information centric networking (ICN).
The group also held a workshop and demo day during its last meeting to showcase networking innovations that support the diverse range of envisioned 5G use cases, use cases which span from automated driving to industrial robotics and tele-surgery. Please consult the workshop web site:
Furthermore, we would like to inform you that in 2017 SG13 will begin normative work on non-radio network aspects of IMT-2020 by forming a dedicated working party and several questions. The working party and the questions will conduct their study based on the output documents of the Focus Group.
The first SG13 meeting of the study period will be held in Geneva, 6-17 February 2017. Please consult the SG13 web site for more details:
SG13 appreciates your interest and continuous collaboration on this topic.