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Liaison about ETSI ISG NGP (Next Generation Protocols)

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Posted Date 2016-08-02
From Group ETSI-NGP
From Contact David Lake
To Groups IAB, IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair
The IAB Chair
The IAB Executive Director
CcThe IAB Chair
The IETF Chair
The IAB Executive Director
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Purpose For comment
Deadline 2016-10-10 Action Needed
Attachments Liaison about ETSI ISG NGP (Next Generation Protocols)
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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you of a relatively new Industry Specification Group on Next Generation Protocols, created in December 2015.
The ETSI Next Generations Protocols (NGP) ISG appreciates how the TCP/IP protocol suite has enabled the evolution of connected computing and many other developments since its invention during the 1970’s. We aim to gather opinions on how we can build on this momentum by evolving communications and networking protocols to provide the scale, security, mobility and ease of deployment required for the connected society of the 21st century.

The objectives of ISG NGP are deliberately quite broad as we feel a holistic review of functionality is required and new approaches will be necessary. Key issues to be studied include; addressing, security, identity and authentication, mobility along with requirements from Internet of Things, video and content distribution, ultra-low latency use cases, network operation, eCommerce and the need for increased energy efficiency within the ICT sector.

We invite any interested parties from your ISG to follow our progress via the ETSI portal, mailing lists or attendance at our ISG meetings. Participation in the ISG NGP is subject to signature of an ISG NGP agreement you can find at: Explanation about those agreements is also available from the same location.

In particular, in advance of the next ETSI NGP Face-to-Face meeting on 26th July 2016, we would appreciate input from the IAB and/or IETF on our current white paper, “ETSI White Paper – Market Drivers and Key Scenarios.” A copy is attached for reference and we would be grateful if you could provide a response via David Lake, who will then arrange for the input to be presented at the forthcoming meeting.

For further information please consult: else please do not hesitate contacting our ISG NGP Support: Emmanuelle Chaulot-Talmon

In addition, I would be pleased to speak with you and/or your group by phone or in person to explain further what we are doing and the progress we’ve made thus far.

Best regards,
Andy Sutton