Liaison statement
LS on strengthening collaboration between ITU-T Study Group 17 and IETF on security standardization

State Posted
Posted Date 2016-03-24
From Group ITU-T-SG-17
From Contact Martin Euchner
To Group SEC
To Contacts Stephen Farrell
Kathleen Moriarty
CcScott Mansfield
The IETF Chair
Stephen Farrell
Kathleen Moriarty
Response Contact
Purpose For action
Deadline 2016-08-01 Action Needed
Attachments Liaison
ITU-T Study Group 17, Security, recognizes our collaboration with the IETF in the area of security standardization. We are interested in improving the dialogue with the IETF Security Area for the purpose of strengthening collaboration between ITU-T SG17 and IETF on security standardization. With this objective, SG17 organized a special session during our SG17 meeting (14-23 March 2016, Geneva) to discuss improving collaboration of both organizations in development of security standards and the practical means for carrying out the joint efforts.

Our conclusions on a way forward in strengthening collaboration between SG17 and IETF Security Area are:

1) To support a presentation by ITU-T SG17 on its activities and to provide more information to the IETF at the next IETF meetings. Mr Vasiliy Dolmatov is nominated to make a presentation at SAAG, if a speaking slot would be offered. SG17 appointed Mr Vasiliy Dolmatov as SG17 representative to IETF.
2) To support collaboration through IETF participation in ITU-T SG17 interim Rapporteur group meetings. For example with Question 4/17, Cybersecurity.
3) To seek more information from the IETF about its security activities. SG17 invites a representative from the IETF Security Area to participate in and provide a tutorial during our 29 August – 7 September 2016 meeting.

We look forward to our continued collaboration, and kindly seek your reaction.