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Posted Date 2016-03-02
From Group xrblock
From Contact Shida Schubert
To Group W3C
To Contacts Wendy Seltzer
Philippe Le H├ęgaret
CcBarry Leiba
Dan Romascanu
Ben Campbell
Alissa Cooper
Metric Blocks for use with RTCP's Extended Report Framework Discussion List
Shida Schubert
Response Contact Dan Romascanu
Shida Schubert
Purpose For information
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Dear WebRTC WG,

The XRBLOCK WG in IETF has been working on a draft recommending the type of RTCP XR blocks that would be beneficial for webrtc endpoint, in order to identify any issues regarding media stream(s) and act on to provide better overall user-experience to the end-user. The draft defines a IANA registry with a list of identifiers for the WebRTC's statistics API with a set of RTCP SR, RR, and XR metrics related to the transport of multimedia flows. <>

Gist from the introduction of the draft:
"The WebRTC Stats API currently lists metrics reported in the RTCP Sender and Receiver Report (SR/RR) [RFC3550] to fulfill this requirement. However, the basic metrics from RTCP SR/RR are not sufficient for precise quality monitoring, or diagnosing potential issues.

In this document, we provide some guidelines on choosing additional RTP metrics for the WebRTC [W3C.WD-webrtc-20150210]. Furthermore, we create a registry containing metrics reported in RTCP XR."

Any comments from the W3C WebRTC WG participants are welcome, they can be provided directly to the WG by sending your comments to <>.

S. Schubert
Co-chair, XRBLOCK Workgroup