Liaison statement
RADIUS/Diameter interworking

State Posted
Posted Date 2014-08-26
From Group WBA
From Contact Tiago Rodrigues
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2014-09-30 Action Needed
Attachments RADIUS/Diameter interworking
To The Author(s) of RFC 4005/7155

The WBA (Wireless Broadband Alliance) is currently working with the GSMA to define best practices for RADIUS/Diameter interactions.  In reviewing RFC 4005 and its update, RFC 7155, we noticed that "all of the material regarding RADIUS/Diameter protocol interactions has been removed".  This change removed an entire chapter, and its related information.  We were hoping to gain some insight as to why IETF chose this route.  Would you be able to share any information on why these details were removed?  Any insight would be much appreciated.