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CCAMP Liaison to ITU-T SG15's Q6 on WSON

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Posted Date 2013-06-26
From Group IETF
From Contact John Drake
To Group ITU-T-SG-15
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CcJohn Drake
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The CCAMP Working Group of IETF would like to thank the experts of Q.6 that were able to participate in our recent March meeting in Orlando. We believe the discussion was very helpful in progressing our work on WSON (Wavelength Switched Optical Networks) and Flexible Grids.

During the discussion regarding improving the ability to do impairment-aware path computation for path activation, it was noted that ITU-T G.697 defines optical monitoring parameters for performing various activities. While some of the ITU-T G.697 parameters may be useful for path computation, not all parameters may be needed, and other non-G.697 parameters may be useful. We would like to ask for your expert review of a potential list of parameters which may be of use in computation to improve the choice of an optical path to activate when multiple choices are present. We understand this list would not be exhaustive and it would be system dependent. The aim for this work is to provide a basis for defining protocol encoding aspects for the parameters. It is outside of the scope of CCAMP’s work to define the computational models used by a system vendor or operator.

Currently, we have noted the following parameters from the G.680 reference models:
•       OSNR
•       Power Input (required by OSNR)
•       Chromatic Dispersion
•       Differential Group Delay
•       PMD
•       PDL

We would appreciate any input which you can provide regarding this list.

We would appreciate if you would keep us informed of your progress on ITU-T G.680, coherent modulation formats, and Flexible Grids.

Best regards,
Lou Berger and Deborah Brungard
IETF CCAMP Working Group Co-Chairs