Uncoordinated Protocol Development Considered Harmful
RFC 5704

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2017-05-16 02 (System) Changed document authors from "Monique Morrow, Stewart Bryant" to "Monique Morrow, Stewart Bryant,  IAB"
2009-11-23 02 (System) RFC published
2009-11-23 02 (System) IESG has approved the document
2009-09-24 02 (System) New version available: draft-iab-mpls-tp-uncoord-harmful-02.txt
2009-07-10 01 (System) New version available: draft-iab-mpls-tp-uncoord-harmful-01.txt
2009-06-10 00 (System) New version available: draft-iab-mpls-tp-uncoord-harmful-00.txt